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Contour Design creates products that are designed to relieve users pain and strain, from their fingertips up to their necks. Don’t just take our word for it! Hover over any of the dots below to see how our products have helped others.

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Exemplary customer support experience

By: Jerry

The RollerMouse Red has for years now enabled me to continue working long hours daily on the computer without the ergonomic wrist/elbow/shoulder strain and pain I previously experienced using a standard mouse. When I first got it, it completely eliminated the painful reactions I was having gripping a standard mouse for typically 8 hours a day.

In addition to how helpful the RollerMouse has been for me, I’d like to comment on an exemplary customer support experience I just received from Contour Designs. After years of use, and beyond the warranty period, the left mouse button on the RollerMouse began having problems and would only reliably respond if I clicked it in a certain limited spot (the lower right corner of the button). I emailed customer support describing the behavior and asked if there was anything I could do to restore the button’s normal responsiveness. I received a quick same-day response where they troubleshooted the issue with me and then sent me a part that I could self-install with clear directions provided. That worked! So now the left mouse button is reliably working and I am very pleased and thankful for this excellent customer service experience.

I first learned about the RollerMouse from a co-worker who was having severe pain issues using a normal mouse. The company ergonomic people recommended the RollerMouse to him and after he began using it, those issues went away.  So a few years later when I began having ergonomic problems, I remembered about the RollerMouse and bought one for myself. Without it, I don’t think I would have been able to continue working the same hours a day as I have. So from my experience, I can unreservedly recommend considering a RollerMouse to anyone having similar ergonomic issues, or also to help prevent those issues from starting for those who work long hours on the computer.


A very good product & even better customer support

By: Reza

I bought the RollerMouse Red & the Keyboard that comes with it & they are a delight. After a couple of months, the mouse started malfunctioning and I emailed the company and asked for guidance, but I did not receive a reply for 2-3 months, although I had sent 2 more reminder emails. However, after that time, I got a response & they had apologised for having missed my emails and responded swiftly by posting to me a cable that was needed. When it did not help, they posted to me, fast, a replacement for both the mouse & the keyboard, for free. All in all, I am very happy with the customer service from this company and will buy their products again. The Mouse is very good for my wrists.

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