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How to Deal with Doctors Notes for Sit-Stand Desks, Napping Desks, and Segways

September 2019

Join Dr. Naomi Abrams, OTR/L, CEAS, as she walks us through how deal with doctors notes for ergonomic accommodations, who the burden of accomodation falls on, and how to structure your ergonomic program to reduce the need for expensive accommodations and prevent workplace injury.

Bolstering your Ergonomic Program with Predictive Analytics

August 2019

Kirsty Angerer, better known as the Traveling Ergonomist, along with Professor Alan Hedge give a comparative look on how UK ergonomics and safety programs are run and cover the impact that using predictive analytic software can have on your ergonomics and safety program.
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Anatomy, Pathology and Healing Process of Ergonomics Injuries

July 2019

Ronald Porter, PT, CEAS lll covers the anatomy and pathology for types of musculoskeletal disorders that occur to the body, what happens to the body when it is injured and a timeline for healing, and the risks of returning to work activities too soon and ideas for healing or injury prevention.

RSI Risk Reduction and RollerMouse

June 2019

Keith Osborne CEAS, CWS, MFT details data collected from 14 different workers, with varying degrees of assessed risk, and the effect of using the RollerMouse on their pain, discomfort, and work. The estimated cost savings for the employees with increased productivity and reduced lost time will astound you!
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A Productivity Analysis of 6 Popular Ergonomic Mouse Designs

January 2019

Jessica Cappelletto of McGill University shares the results of a productivity and comfort study of 6 different handheld mouse designs. From vertical, adjustable and everywhere in-between the results of the study may surprise you.

Sit-Stand Desks, Are They Voodoo Ergonomics?

Decemeber 2018

Craig Chasen, CEES takes a deep dive into sit/stand desks and their effects on workplace ergonomics. Is standing really that much better for you? Do the benefits of standing outweigh the other potential ergonomic issues that come from it? Watch the webinar and find out!
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Finding the Right Mouse

October 2018

Dana Shull, CAE, CPDM, CEAS II walks us through the ins-and-outs of finding the right mouse design for users based on a litany of factors including, injury, workspace, and the user themselves.