surviving the home office

Working from home can be a blessing or a curse. No matter your situation, stretching, staying active, and the proper ergonomic mouse and workstation can make your WFH life much easier. Don’t just survive working from home; learn to thrive with our WFH survival guide, at-home stretching routine, and best practices video for your home workstation.

workday stretches

No matter how ergonomic your workstation, if you don’t stretch on a daily basis you still leave yourself susceptible to stiffness, pain, and injuries. Check out this handy stretching guide here for some easy stretches anyone can do from their home office!

home office survival guide

Working from home can be a big change. This guide is designed to help walk you through the basics of working from home effectively, while not sacrificing your sanity! With tips and tricks on where to set up your home office, maintaining eating habits,  and scheduled breaks, this guide contains all the basics you need to help you get comfortable in you home office.
Click here for the Work From Home Survival Guide.

ergonomics at home

Our colleagues in Denmark partnered with occupational therapist Jarle Marheim to show you how to set up your home office workstation with the best possible ergonomics. A few small tweaks to your home office setup can be the difference between pain and working comfortably!

we can help

While our Travel Kit and Travel Kit Lite, were designed for professionals on the go, they make for a stellar home office workstation! With options that include a laptop stand, external mouse and keyboard, and travel sleeve there is a Travel Kit that will meet all of your home office needs.

travel kit lite

With different levels of customization, the Travel Kit Lite will give you everything you need (and nothing you don’t!) to stay working from home comfortably. From $99.
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travel kit

Already feeling pain or have a previous mouse-related injury? The original Travel Kit will provide you with the optimal setup to keep you working pain-free no matter where you’re working from.
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