Download the product manual for your device here.

In the product manuals you can find tips on how to get started and how to adjust the keyboard to your RollerMouse. You will also find helpful tips on ergonomics.

Download the manual for your RollerMouse and read more.

Current Models

Balance Keyboard3 MBEnglishDownload
Contour Mouse Wireless18 MBEnglishDownload
RollerMouse Free3 Wired44 MBEnglishDownload
RollerMouse Free3 Wireless44 MBEnglishDownload
RollerMouse Pro31 MBEnglishDownload
RollerMouse Red/Red Plus v2.0 and up2 MBEnglishDownload
RollerMouse Red/Red Plus Wireless2 MBEnglishDownload
Shuttle PRO v2 and Xpress7 MBEnglishDownload
Unimouse Wired2 MBEnglishDownload
Unimouse Wireless2 MBEnglishDownload
Unimouse Adjustability Guide7 MBEnglishDownload

Previous Models

RollerMouse Free2397 KBEnglishDownload
RollerMouse Pro21 MBEnglishDownload
RollerMouse Red (v1.0 to v1.8)2 MBEnglishDownload
RollerMouse Red Plus (v1.0 to v1.8)1 MBEnglishDownload


RollerMouse Red/Red plus Mounting Instructions5 MBEnglishDownload
Red plus palm support386 KBEnglishDownload
RollerWave3 wrist rest12 MBEnglishDownload