Shuttle driver with Mac OS 10.13 and Up

Due to elevated permissions required by the Mac OS security, many 3rd party drivers that require kernel extensions have been experiencing issues upon initial installation.

After installing the Shuttle driver, open System Preferences, click on Security & Privacy and click the “general” tab. In that section you’ll want to ensure “App store and identified developers” is checked off under the “Allow apps downloaded from:” section. If anything pops up in that area after checking the radio button regarding the Shuttle, press “Allow”.

If the “Allow” button is not clicked within 30 minutes of installing the driver, the option to allow will disappear and you will have to install the driver again. After allowing driver installation, you will need to restart your Mac.

If you are still experiencing problems, try reinstalling the driver and clicking the “allow” button, then restart your Mac. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, there may be some further tweaking that is needed to get the Shuttle driver to work.

If you find that the previous instructions have not helped, please browse to the “Security & Privacy” section under System Preferences. Within the “Privacy” tab, under Accessibility, you can add apps to control your computer. Try adding “Contour Shuttle” under that tab. This has been known to work for many end users.

Another situation you may be running into is that if you needed to uninstall the driver, going through the typical uninstall method doesn’t completely remove all traces of the driver. If none of the above steps have worked, please try this:

• Check the “User & Groups” “Login Items” and see if there is a “Contour helper” item listed with a yellow “caution icon” on the right. If so, remove the entry by clicking the “minus” button.
• Then check the “Security & Privacy” “General Tab” and see if you can find the button to ALLOW “Contour shuttle”. If so, click the allow button.
• Re-install the driver, reboot the computer, and see if this makes any difference.

If you are still running into any issues or have any questions, please submit a support ticket using the button below.