Shuttle Drivers

The Shuttle driver for macOS Big Sur is currently in beta testing and available for download here.
Product NameOperating SystemDownload
Shuttle Prov2 and Shuttle XpressWindows 7 to 112.13.4
Shuttle Prov2 and Shuttle XpressmacOS 10.9 to
Shuttle Prov2 and Shuttle XpressmacOS 10.14 and 10.15 (Please read before installing)3.2
Shuttle Prov2 and Shuttle XpressmacOS Big Sur 11 & macOS Monterey 124.0b406
Downloadable Settings*Windows  |  Mac 

*The Shuttle driver includes default settings for many programs. If the driver does not come with settings for the program you wish to use the Shuttle with, please refer to the list of downloadable settings. Driver updates are less frequent than the rate of newly released and updated programs, and may not contain all or up-to-date settings.