The Perfect Pair

The RollerMouse Red Series and the RollerMouse Free3 are designed to help you get the most out of your mouse while keeping you in an ergonomically correctly posture. Our Balance Keyboard is designed to work in unison with the RollerMouse Red Series and Free3 to maximize those benefits. It’s a no brainer, buy them together and save!

3 Tilt options

The Balance Keyboard comes with a negative, neutral and positive tilt to adapt to any workstation.

Ambidextrous Use

RollerMouse is easily
used with both hands,
reducing repetitive motion.

Eliminate reaching

RollerMouse eliminates reaching, keeping users in a comfortable, neutral posture.

Compact size

At just 15.4 inches wide, the Balance Keyboard reduces reaching and keeps you in an ergonomic posture.

The Mouse

Whether you’re using the RollerMouse Red Series, or the RollerMouse Free3 you will experience the full ergonomic benefits that come from using a central pointing device. You’ll stop reaching for the mouse, saving time and strain on your forearms, elbows, and shoulders. RollerMouse also will allow you to eliminate gripping, which can cause strain and pain in the hand.

The Keyboard

Balance Keyboard takes the benefits of the RollerMouse and kicks it up a notch. A compact sized keyboard with a full 9-digit number pad, and a minimized edge in front of the space bar, Balance Keyboard ensures that your reach is minimal, and your posture stays neutral. Add to that a negative tilt option and you can see why the Balance Keyboard is the perfect partner for the RollerMouse

Know Your Options

Balance Keyboard is meant to work with the RollerMouse Red Series and RollerMouse Free3. If you are unsure which mouse is right for you, please check out these resources!
RollerMouse Red Series
RollerMouse Free3
RollerMouse Comparison Page
Balance Keyboard

Ultimate Workstations


Turn your Ultimate Workstation into an ergonomic home office and save.

Tech Specs

Red – 1.7 lbs
Red Plus – 2.5 lbs
Free 3 – 1.45lbs

Red – 16.15 × 3.95 × 0.95 in
Red Plus – 16.75 × 6.2 × 0.95 in
Free 3 – 19.25 x 4.5 x 0.9 in

RollerMouse Scroll Wheel

RollerMouse Buttons
6 Programmable Buttons

Sensor Type
Red – Twin-eye laser
Red Plus – Twin-eye laser
Free 3 – Optical

RollerMouse DPI
600 | 800 | 1000 | 1200 | 1400 | 1600 | 1800 | 2000 | 2400 | 2800

Operating System
OSX | Windows


Optional, available on Support page for RollerMouse.
Balance Keyboard Mac Driver Available on Support page

Wired | Wireless