Travel Sleeve

RollerMouse on the go!

The Contour Travel Sleeve is a must for RollerMouse users who work on the go. With room for a RollerMouse Red, Red+, or Free3 and a balance keyboard, you can have an ergonomic workstation no matter where you are.

Work on the go

Comfortably fit all of your Contour products in our sleek sleeve.

Protect your gear

The padded sleeve prevents damage to Contour products while on the go.

Plenty of Space

Equipped with two full sized, padded pockets our travel sleeve has dedicated areas for a RollerMouse and a Balance Keyboard, ensuring they stay safe while on the go.

Travel Sleeve


Bundle a RollerMouse and Balance Keyboard for huge savings.

The perfect home office workstation, travel sleeve included. Bundle and save!