Travel Kit

Mobile Ergonomic Workstation

Our Travel Kit is the perfect “all in one” ergonomic workstation for on-the-go, or remote professionals. Contour’s Travel Kit includes a RollerMouse (Red, Red+, Free3), Balance Keyboard, Laptop Stand, and Travel Sleeve to ensure that you will have a comfortable, ergonomic workstation, no matter where you work from.

Work from anywhere

Whether it’s a home office or on the go, the Travel Kit has everything you need to make your workstation ergonomic.

Made for laptops

Designed to turn your laptop into a full-fledged ergonomic workstation allowing you to work comfortably, all day.

Ergonomics Anywhere

For serious mobile professionals, the laptop track pad just doesn’t cut it. That is why our Travel Kit comes equipped with a RollerMouse (Red, Red+, Free3) and a Balance Keyboard. Now you can have the ultimate in office ergonomics on the go with you!
Learn more about the RollerMouse here.

Made For Travel

The travel kit is made for the mobile professional, so our first priority was making a sleek, easy to take workstation without sacrificing ergonomics for the sake of portability. The travel sleeve is specially designed to easily fit your RollerMouse, Balance Keyboard, Laptop Stand, and charging cables in one portable package.

The Right Height

Not to be overlooked, the Laptop Stand rounds out our Travel Kit and allows users to set their laptop at the proper height and distance for them. This allows users to sit upright and reduces slouching which can cause strain on the neck and back. From hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, necks, and backs the Contour Travel Kit will keep mobile professionals working pain-free all day, every day.
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Travel Kit