Travel Kit Lite

Flexibility to Work Anywhere

Your desk might not be a desk. It might be a kitchen table, a breakfast bar, or even a coffee table. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice ergonomics because of that. The new Travel Kit Lite is designed to provide you with all the equipment you need to keep good ergonomics while working remotely, no matter what.

Work from anywhere

Whether it’s a home office or on the go, the Travel Kit has everything you need to make your workstation ergonomic.

Made for laptops

Designed to turn your laptop into a full-fledged ergonomic workstation allowing you to work comfortably, all day.

Set Up For Success

The base version of the Travel Kit Lite comes with our Laptop Stand and Wireless Unimouse. Perfect for those who are on the go and already have a preferred external keyboard. The Laptop Stand and Unimouse are both fully adjustable, allowing users to make sure their screen is at the right height and their hand is in the most comfortable posture.
Learn more about the Unimouse here.
Learn more about the Laptop Stand here.

A Little Extra Goes a Long Way

We also offer the Travel Kit Lite with our Balance Keyboard and optional wrist rest. This option is best suited for those who only have a laptop and are looking for a serious ergonomic overhaul of their remote workstation. Both Balance Keyboard options come with a complimentary Travel Sleeve that allows users to securely fit their entire Travel Kit into one convenient sleeve.
Learn more about the Balance Keyboard here.
Learn more about the Travel Sleeve here.

Travel Kit Lite



Swap out the Unimouse for a RollerMouse for the best ergonomic home office experience.