Laptop Stand

Elevate Your Workstation

Our Laptop Stand allows on-the-go users to adjust their laptop to the correct height to reduce neck strain and fatigue

Ergonomic eye level

Make sure you’re eye to eye with your laptop to decrease strain on your neck.

Adjustable height

Multiple height options allow users to find the perfect setting for their laptops.

Fully Adjustable

Our laptop stand adjusts from 4 to 8 inches in height* fitting laptops of all shapes and sizes while allowing the user to easily and quickly adjust the angle of the stand to their preferred height.
*Larger laptops may not be able to achieve maximum stand height.
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Works Well With Others

To get the most out of your laptop stand we recommend using it in conjunction with the RollerMouse and Balance Keyboard. Our Travel Bundle includes all three products plus a travel sleeve at a discount. 

Laptop Stand


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