Keep your office station disinfected

Contour Disinfectant Wipes are ready-to-use disinfectant agents suitable for quick sanitization of Contour products and other workstation surfaces. Especially dedicated for small surfaces and all areas where quick disinfection is required. The disinfection solution and the wipes cannot be used with invasive medical equipment such as surgical instruments, hearing aids, earmolds.

70% Alcohol

The disinfectant wipes are based on DESTIX® MA61, an 70% alcohol quick disinfection system that is suitable for all Contour mice and keyboards, but not suitable for alcohol unstable materials, such as acrylic glass.

Free of fragrance

Contour Disinfectant Wipes are fragrance-free, and the disinfection liquid is free of aldehydes, formaldehyde, and phenols.
Contour Disinfectant wipes are sold in cartons of 20 wipes.

Disinfectant Wipes