The Original Ergonomic Mouse

Our first ever ergonomic mouse, the Contour Mouse has largely remained unchanged since its inception in 1996. Keeping with its patented shape and varying sizes, we have updated the hardware and its features to make this classic feel brand new again. 
After 25 years of being one of our most popular products, we are retiring the Contour Mouse. We are grateful for the contributions the Contour Mouse has made towards pushing ergonomic mice forward and creating a safe, ergonomic working environment. As we look towards the future and develop new mice that are able further push the envelope in ergonomic workstations, we are offering a discount on our remaining stock of Contour Mouse as a thank you to everyone that has helped make this product a hit over its 25-year run.

Custom sizes

Big or small, we have a Contour Mouse that will fit any hand.

17° Slope

Designed to put you in a relaxed, ergonomic posture while controlling the cursor.

Extended buttons

Encourages users to click with their entire finger instead of overworking their fingertips.

The Shape

Contour Mouse has a patented 17° slope built into its apex to accommodate the natural, resting posture of your hand. This allows your hand to be in a relaxed posture throughout the day, minimizing the strain associated with using a computer mouse.
Read the ergonomic research behind the Contour Mouse here.

The Sizes

Hands come in all shapes and sizes. Because of this we have 3 sizes of Contour Mouse for the right hand (S-M-L) and 2 sizes for the left hand (M-L) to ensure you get the right fit for your hand.
For a comprehensive sizing guide please click here.


With the recently released Contour Mouse wireless, we are excited to roll out some new features specifically for the wireless version of the Contour Mouse. These include a variable cursor speed with 10 different settings and new, driverless button customization options. 

We recommend using Contour Mouse to help with these repetitive strain injuries

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Trigger Finger

Contour Mouse



Because we are discontinuing the Contour Mouse, we will no longer be able to offer a 2-year warrantee on this product due to lack of replacement units and parts. Thank you for your understanding.

Combine with the Contour Mouse to optimize your sit/stand desk.

Tech Specs

2.0 lbs

8.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 in

Left | Right

Small | Medium | Large

5 programmable buttons

2.4Ghz wireless technology

Charging Time
2 hour charge time

Battery Life
3 Months on a single charge*

Cursor Speed
800 | 1000 | 1200 | 1400 | 1600 | 1800 | 2000 | 2200 | 2400 | 2800

Sensor Type
Pixart PMW3330, IR

Operational Distance
Up to 25 feet

Operating System
PC | Mac

Plug and Play. Optional driver for button customization.


Contour Mouse Wireless Product Manual Download
Contour Mouse Wireless Brochure Download
Contour Mouse Sizing Chart Download