It’s 1996 and James Golden is putting together brochures for an ergonomic training event, on one of those fancy-schmancy new computers. Over time, he starts to notice pain in his fingers, eventually moving to his wrist. The poorly designed mouse in conjunction with repetitive micro-movements is the source of the problem. James decides that using the computer should not cause users pain and sets out to design a support that allows users to rest their wrists comfortably while encouraging using the entire arm to control the mouse.
Enter the PC Puck. Through multiple designs and prototypes, the “puck” shape was eventually settled on as a universal design that worked with any mouse available on the market at the time. James then teamed up with Steve Wang (owner of Contour Design) to help manufacture the PC Puck.
Pc Pucks
Eventually a shift in thinking occurred. Why create a support for poorly designed computer mice, instead let us create a mouse that is ergonomic in design. From there the Contour Mouse was born. The first mouse with multiple sizes, left and right dexterities, and an ergonomic shape. That sparked 25 years of constantly striving to make a safer mouse, a more ergonomic way to interact with the computer, a better way to work. From launching the first RollerMouse in 2001, to our flagship product the RollerMouse Red in 2013, and the Unimouse in 2017, we will never stop striving to create better ergonomic products for you.