Trigger Finger (stenosing tenosynovitis)

What Causes Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger occurs when inflammation narrows the space within the sheath that surrounds the tendon in the affected finger. If trigger finger is severe, your finger may become locked in a bent position. People whose work or hobbies require repetitive gripping actions are at higher risk of developing trigger finger. The gripping and repetitive clicking required to use a traditional computer mouse can be a contributing factor.


  • Finger Stiffness
  • Clicking or popping sound when bending the finger
  • Tenderness or a bump (nodule) in the palm at the base of the affected finger
  • Finger catching or locking in a bent position, which suddenly pops straight
  • Finger locked in a bent position, which you are unable to straighten

What We Recommend:

Contour Mouse – With custom sizing to fit all hand sizes that reduces gripping and oversized buttons to eliminate curled-fingered clicking, the Contour Mouse is the perfect solution to combat the development of trigger finger.
RollerMouse – The Rollerbar is design to encourage posture variation and promote clicking with the left and right hands, greatly reducing repetitive strain in the fingers. Customizable tension settings also enable users to reduce the amount of pressure needed to achieve a mouse click.