Our premier RollerMouse, the Red combines
precision and modern ergonomics for an
experience unlike any other.

All the great benefits of the Red but
with an extra 2” of palm support
making it the mouse of choice for
users with L-XL hands.

With its sleek, tapered palm support, the
Free3 is the go to RollerMouse for users in
tight spaces. Free3 is also equipped with two
extra shortcut keys, ensuring you get the most
productivity out of your mouse.

The world’s first and only completely
customizable mouse. With an articulating hinge
and a fully adjustable thumb support, the Unimouse
can fit a wide range of hand shapes and sizes,
allowing users to find their perfect fit.

The perfect partner for the RollerMouse Red and
Free3, the Balance Keyboard ensure you get the
most out of your ergonomic workstation.

Designed with a 17° slope built into the body of the mouse, our Contour Mouse is designed to allow users to work while minimizing strain on the hand and forearm. Available in two left handed sizes and three right handed sizes.