product summary

Contour Mouse Wireless is the newly updated version of the original ergonomic mouse, designed for workstations that require above average clicking or cursor movement. The contoured shape of the CMO Wireless is a perfect fit, regardless of your hand size or whether you are right or left handed. The CMO Wireless allows your hand to easily control the basic functions of the mouse while reducing any fatigue that would otherwise result from constantly using a uniformly shaped or ambidextrous mouse. Essentially, the CMO Wireless is meant to perfectly fit your hand, not the other way around. The principle of the design is ergonomics put to effective use. Highlights include:
  • Multiple sizes for both left and right handed users (to see a hand-size chart, click here.)
  • Sculpted, elevated buttons
  • Newly designed thumb support with integrated scroll wheel & two position rocker switch
  • Elevated wrist support

Ergonomic Benefits

Reduces Pronation – There is a notch on one side in which to place your thumb, and the mouse slopes downward on the opposite side. This puts your hand at a 17 (degree) angle, which is a more natural position for your hand.
No Need to Grip – This design means that the force of gravity on the hand alone provides all the control required to move the mouse; there is no need to grip the mouse.
Reduces Pain and Force of Clicking – The tips of the fingers should hang over the end of the mouse slightly, which allows the user to click with the base of the first segment of the finger; meaning the user is not bending, hovering or lifting up the finger, resulting in 1/10th of the muscles required to perform the clicking action. Because the fingers are not poised in preparation to click, the “clicking fingers” remain relaxed, outstretched and supported at all times.


      • Multiple Sizes for both Left and Right Hands: The CMO Wireless is available in small, medium and large for the right hand, and medium and large for the left hand. To determine which size is best for you, click here.
      • Sculpted, Elevated Buttons: This enables the hand to remain open with the fingers extended in a ready position for quick button activation. Buttons are elevated and shaped to reduce excess load on the fingertips.
      • Thumb Support with Integrated Scroll Wheel & Two Position Rocker Switch: The two position side rocker switch uses very light touch internal switches and is designed not to require pinch force to activate. The switches “click” with a very slight forward or backward motion of the thumb. The rocker switch is rubber coated and textured to provide maximum grip, with little effort.
      • Elevated Wrist Support: Reduces pressure on the wrist by keeping it off the desk top. Maintains a straighter wrist alignment and minimizes Lateral Deviation. Balances the hand in a neutral, tilted posture. Presents static grip by allowing the hand to rock freely.
      • Programmable Software: Programming software (this is a link) for PC and MAC is available for download and allow customization of the CMO Wireless to accomplish tasks faster and easier.Ergonomic Research on the CMO Wireless (we do not have this, can we use what we have for PerFit?)
      • Ergonomic Research on the Perfit Mouse Optical by Contour Design Inc.:
April 1, 2000 US West study of the Contour Perfit Mouse reveals a 48% reduction in pain after 3 weeks of use. – Click here to read the Presentation of Preliminary Data from IIE Applied Ergo Conf.
March 14, 2000 3rd Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference US West study compares the ergonomic benefits of the Contour Perfit Mouse to a Cirque Touch pad and Logitech Mouse in Call Centers presented at IIE conference. – Click here for more.
1998 10 Different Devices are evaluated including touchpads, trackballs and mice. – Click here to download a Major Semi-conductor Manufacturer Study.
1997 Contour Success Story in Silicon Valley Chevron, Silicon Graphics & EORM get Pro-Active with the Contour Perfit Mouse in their ergonomics programs – Click here for the entire story
1996 ISO 9241-9 Ergonomic Testing The following is an exerpt from the Study done by Global Ergonomic Testing, comparing the Contour Mouse with the popular Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse. “…significantly less muscle effort and postural deviation from neutral occurred with the Contour mouse. In addition, the Contour mouse was significantly more positively rated for ease of use, comfort, and design.” – Click here to download a condensed version of the report.

Technical Specifications

Weight2.0 lbs
Dimensions8.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 in
DexterityLeft, Right
SizeSmall, Medium, Large
Buttons5 programmable buttons
Wireless2.4Ghz wireless technology
Charging Time2 hour charge time
Battery Life3 Months on a single charge*
Cursor Speed800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400, 2800
Sensor TypePixart PMW3330, IR
Operational DistanceUp to 25 feet
Operating SystemPC, Mac
DriverPlug and Play. Optional driver for button customization.


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