Big Sur Shuttle Driver

The Shuttle driver for macOS Big Sur is currently in beta testing and available for download. You may encounter technical issues when using the driver until an official release is available. We encourage customer feedback for any issues encountered when using the beta build.
Please follow the steps below carefully to properly uninstall any previous Shuttle drivers and install the beta driver. These steps differ from previous instructions we have provided for earlier versions of macOS.
Product NameOperating SystemDownload
Shuttle Prov2 and Shuttle XpressMac OS Big Sur 11.14.0b402
  1. Disconnect any ShuttlePRO or ShuttleXpress device connected to the Mac.
  2. Uninstall the Contour Shuttle driver using the Contour Shuttle Uninstaller found in the Help menu of the Contour Shuttle app.
  3. Restart the Mac.
  4. Open the Contour Shuttle disk image (.dmg file) located in the Downloads folder or on the Desktop. If you received the disk image by email, do not double-click it inside Mail. Move it to the Desktop first.
  5. Find the Contour Shuttle app in the disk image and drag it to the Applications folder.
  6. Eject the disk image.
  7. Open the Contour Shuttle app located in the Applications folder. Make sure you do not open the copy that is on the disk image.
  8. When the System Extension Blocked warning pops up, click Open Security Preferences.
  9. Click the yellow lock at the bottom left corner of the System Preferences window.
  10. Enter your password. You must be in an administrator account to install the driver.
  11. Click the Allow button next to “System software from application Contour Shuttle was blocked from loading”.
  12. Connect the ShuttlePRO or ShuttleXpress device to the Mac.