About Us

Founded in 1995 by Steve Wang, Contour Design Inc. has been continually focused on creating products that challenge the norms of computer interaction and improve human performance. It is our goal to achieve the highest level of ergonomics and usability through innovation and design. We develop our products through extensive scientific research and testing, and we are proud of the solutions we offer. That said, our commitment to innovation and design does not stop here. We will always be looking to find a better design, a better posture, a better way. We will always strive to design a better mouse for you. 

Our Mission

At Contour Design, we are continually striving to push boundaries and develop innovative products that challenge the way we are used to working with computers while always keeping our company’s core values in mind:
-To create ergonomically sound input devices for people of all shapes and sizes
-To provide solutions that allow people suffering from computer related ailments the ability to work pain free
-To develop products that promote posture variation- the cornerstone of preventative ergonomics that help reduce the risk of injury
-To evolve and innovative the way that we work with computers.

Where We Operate

Contour Design, Inc. is a global company with reach in 6 continents (sorry Antarctica), offices across Europe and headquartered right here in the United States.
Our US Office
Contour Design, Inc.
10 Industrial Drive
Windham, NH 03087 USA
Phone: (800) 462-6678
Fax: (603) 893-4558
E-mail: ergoinfo@contourdesign.com
Our Nordic Office
Contour Design Nordic A / S
Borupvang 5B, st.tv.
2750 Ballerup, Denmark
Phone: +45 70 27 02 27
E-mail: info@contour-design.com
Our UK/Europe Office
Quay House
The Waterfront
Brierley Hill
West Midlands

Contour History



Contour Design Inc. Founded

Contour Design Inc. founded in Windham, New Hampshire, USA.

AddErgo Danmark founded in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Contour Design launches Perfit Mouse (Perfect Fit), a computer mouse designed to fit different hand sizes and stop and prevent RSI and CTS. It is now known as the Contour Mouse.


International Selling

Contour Design begins to sell into Denmark.


Contour’s Perfit Mouse is voted “Best Ergonomic Product”.

At the 13th Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association, Contour Design’s Perfit Mouse is voted “Best Ergonomic Product” by more than 3,000 ergonomics specialists from around the world.


RollerMouse Launches

Contour Design launches RollerMouse – a revolutionary ergonomic computer mouse placed centrally between the user and the keyboard. Its rollerbar and optical sensor provide precision and predictability.


Contour Design Nordic Opens

As a result of success in Scandinavia, Contour Design Nordic officially opens.


RollerMouse Pro

Contour Design launches RollerMouse Pro – the second version of the already well-established RollerMouse concept.


Contour Design Nordic takes over Contour Design, Inc.’s European office and changes its name to Contour Design Europe.


RollerMouse Free

Contour Design launches RollerMouse Free – the third version of RollerMouse. Its fully open rollerbar gives users greater variation.


RollerMouse Free wins the 2009 Prix de l’Innovation

RollerMouse Free wins the 2009 Prix de l’Innovation at Preventica Lyon, one of Europe’s biggest work health, safety, and ergonomics trade fairs.


Contour Design, Inc. appoints Contour Design Europe A/S as its exclusive European distributor.


All RollerMouse products are updated. Each second-generation product has the appendix 2 after its name.


RollerMouse Red Launches

Contour Design launches RollerMouse Red- the most versatile RollerMouse to date with new technology that tracks the roller motion from inside a tube.


Contour Design Europe A/S changes its name to Contour Design Holding APS; establishes subsidiary corporations in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the UK; focuses all of its efforts on Contour Design, Inc. products; and rapidly expands European sales and support operations.

Contour Design, Inc. acquires Contour Design Holding APS and all of its subsidiaries.