Finding the Right Mouse

Contour Design
Ergonomics for the User.
The problem faced by an Ergonomist performing Ergonomic Evaluations is explaining to clients that Carpal Tunnel and other Muscle Skeletal injures take a LONG time to develop. Very similar to the old FRAM commercial, pay me now (buy an oil filter) or see me later and buy a new engine. In this case it’s make a change now or visit a surgeon later. Could be a painful choice.
There is NOT a single Perfect Mouse that meets everyone’s needs, even though the IT department or Accounting is telling you there is. It is very likely that the $10 mouse they suggest, will bite you.
Picking a mouse. I recommend you try a lot of different mice. How does the mouse fit your hand– comfortably? Does it help to keep your hand in a neutral position (straight). Does it encourage you to use it correctly? A poorly chosen mouse may cause you to ground your wrist, twist your wrist, or tightly gripping the mouse and could cause all three.
Below are just a few of the different types of mice available.
      • Standard “flat mouse”
      • Vertical mouse
      • RollerMouse
      • Trackball
      • “Pen” grip mouse
      • Touchpad
      • Adjustable Mouse
Computers are not going away any time soon. Learn to use your mouse correctly now or see a surgeon later. You can find the perfect mouse for YOU, if YOU look and are willing to change your habits.